Classic C4 servers without donation.

About us

Lineage 2 c4.

The opening of the classic C4 servers, created for recreation and fair play without any donations or cheaters, has taken place. Auto-registration of accounts is installed on the servers. We would be glad to see you on our servers!


We have installed protection against third-party programs on our server. You will not encounter numerous bots, duplicated clothes, or other things that spoil fair play.

No Donation

There is absolutely no donation in the game, and all players achieve their goals only through playing. We do not have VIP players or favorites. All players are equal.


Here, you will not find items and skills from other chronicles or a GM shop. We support a game that was conceived by the developers on the chronicles of C4. This will remain unchanged forever.

No Wipe

We do not reset the progress by reopening the servers, so you need not fear losing your characters; they will stay with you for life.


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